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Windows 8.1 Upgrades Security Measures

Software giant Microsoft has unveiled the new security measures in Windows 8.1, including fingerprint biometrics, multifactor authentication for BYODs and enhanced malware resistance. Dustin Ingalls, Group Program Manager for Windows Security & Identity, in a blog this week, listed the major features as trusted hardware, modern access...

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Industrial Plants Can Be Disrupted With a Remote

The wireless control systems used at many major infrastructure facilities have vulnerabilities which could allow a hacker with a radio frequency (RF) transceiver to close down a plant from up to 40 miles away; two security researchers told the Black Hat convention in Las Vegas.

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Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Lies, damned lies, and statistics – it’s a phrase that has been attributed to Mark Twain and former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, among others. Whoever it was that said it first, he could have been talking about vulnerability statistics.

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Android Master Key Malware Surfaces in China

The first known malware to exploit the Android master key vulnerability described by BlueBox Security has been found in an application market based in China, a McAfee researcher reported this week. Mobile malware researcher Daisuke Nakajima said the app used the vulnerability to hide the malicious classes.dex from Android’s package...

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Stock Exchanges Fear Cyber Threat is Growing

Researchers working in the securities sector have warned that stock exchanges around the world have become the targets of cyber-criminals and that the potential exists for attacks that would close down financial markets. The warning was made in a report issued this month (July 2013) by the International Organization of Securities Commissions...

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