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Instagram – the New Advertising Platform for Botnets

Recent reports have revealed that cybercriminals are using the popular social media site, Instagram, as a marketplace to advertise the rental of Botnets. The advertisements do not make it clear how powerful the botnets are; however, some posts are claiming to provide cheap access to the Mirai botnet, which was behind one of the largest cyberattacks in history.

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Survey Indicates Lack of Enterprise DDoS Awareness and Protection

Last month, I had the honor to host a workshop at the R3: Resilience, Response & Recovery Summit in London, with two of my fellow Corero colleagues: Sean Newman and Peter Cutler.

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Small DDoS Attacks Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Organizations that continue to think of DDoS attacks as just large, long-drawn-out attacks are putting themselves at great risk. Over the past few years, Corero has observed that short sub-saturating DDoS attacks are dominating the threat landscape.

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A Gambling Company Ups the Ante to Woo Players Back after DDoS Attacks

In the past month several online poker sites, as well as the DraftKings fantasy sports site, have been hit hard by distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Clearly, even if those companies had DDoS mitigation solutions in place, they were not sufficient to protect their networks.

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How DDoS Attacks Impact Businesses Across Industries

There is no doubt that the frequency and sophistication of DDoS attacks targeting various industries around the globe is likely to accelerate in the near future. But, what are the potential consequences of DDoS attacks on your business? This is a question every organisation should ask themselves in today’s dynamic cyber threat landscape, where DDoS attackers continue to look out for more creative techniques to create chaos.

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