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MIT Sloan Management Review Says the Best Offense is a Good Defense

Those of us in the cybersecurity industry know the Dark Web as a sophisticated hidden marketplace. The Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan researchers recently published a review that describes the many types of cyber attacks that exist in the Dark Web marketplace as well as recommendations to stem the flow of cybercrime, which we have summarized in this blog post.

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UK’s National Cyber Security Centre Issues Denial of Service (DoS) Guidance

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre recently issued guidance to help organizations understand and mitigate against denial of service attacks. NCSC recommendations have good, basic information, however the guidance is lacking in that it only recommends CDN-based services and it focuses on out-scaling the attacks rather than blocking them.

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Meet the Team: Sean Newman, Director of Product Management

Learn about Corero's Director of Product Management and the writer behind our many blog posts, Sean Newman!

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Telestar Digital Radio Vulnerabilities Could Enable Another Mirai-Style Botnet

ZDNet recently reported that security researchers discovered serious vulnerabilities in Telestar Digital GmbH IoT radio devices that could allow attackers to easily hijack them. This potential new source of DDoS attacks highlights how important it is for manufacturers to build better security architectures into their IoT devices.

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Lessons Learned from a DoS Attack Against a U.S. Power Utility

According to a report by NERC, a public electric power utility in the U.S. was targeted by a cyberattack which exploited the utility's firewall. The event was reported as a DoS attack and demonstrates how cyber activists have reached a level of sophistication that firewalls cannot protect against.

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