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Top-down cyber defense is an upside-down approach

Wired’s Danger Room has reported (http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2012/01/nsa-cant-defend/) that General Keith Alexander is throwing in the towel. In an address to the FBI-sponsored International Conference on Cyber Security he is quoted: “15,000 enclaves: You can’t see ‘em all. You cannot defend them all,”...

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Compromise next for SOPA? Why not just let it just die?

The Obama Administration’s statement opposing SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is a little like Denver Bronco exec John Elway’s pronouncement that Tim Tebow would be the team’s starting quarterback going into training camp. In other words, “We’ll put this thing aside until we can do better.” Well, no. I...

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U.S. clings to insecure magnetic stripe cards — what’s the attraction?

The next time you dine out and hand your credit card to the waiter to cover the check, think of this story. In November 2011, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office announced that law enforcement agencies had broken up a ring of 28 people, most of them waiters, who were using handheld card skimmers to steal credit card data from customers...

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Tomcat DoS vulnerability addressed

Bugtraq has released information about a vulnerability in Apache Tomcat (CVE-2012-0022 Apache Tomcat Denial of Service) that could enable an attacker to launch a denial-of-service attack by using specially crafted requests exhaust CPU capacity. This type of attack involves a specially crafted packet or packets, possibly sent from a single attacker...

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Zappos shows that big breaches are still part of the cyber crime outlook

We tend first to get blown away by data breach numbers: RECORDS OF 24 MILLION ZAPPOS.COM CUSTOMERS BREACHED. Then we sort of glaze over and shrug: <Just another big data breach.> Let’s face it, the “big” makes news, but the “big” isn’t what it’s all about. The last Verizon Data Breach...

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