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Second half of 2011 reflects shifting trends in cyber crime business, M86 reports

The percentage of email messages containing malicious links or attachments is high, even as the volume of spam has dropped sharply in the last year, according to a report by web security company M86. The report provides some good insight into the techniques and, if you will, the shifting business trends in the cyber criminal community. Those...

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Implement user security awareness training — or don't

“Users. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.” I heard that line more than once in my stint as the non-IT guy in the IT department at a newspaper company (I liked to think of myself as the poet laureate of the IT department). None of us, neither hardcore techniks nor geekish dilettante, were thinking much about...

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Does polymorphic Android malware signal escalating mobile security war?

We don’t want to overplay the rise of mobile device malware — Security Bistro bloggers have been posting on mobile security issues quite a bit. That being said, new Symantec research that reveals the use of server-side polymorphism in malicious Android applications is yet another indication cyber criminals are getting more serious...

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Sharing BYOD (bring your own device) experience from the trenches

I recently wrote about the business social networking site Wisegate, which brings together high -evel security and IT professionals to discuss and collaborate on their top-of-mind issues. Wisegate just released a report that summarizes what members are doing about creating and implementing mobile device management (MDM) policies for personally...

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The first thing we do, is hack all the lawyers

It was 1994 and I was presenting at a conference on security and privacy on that new fangled Internet thing.  As founder of an ISP (Rust.net) in the Midwest, I did a lot of such events.  One of the other speakers was an attorney from the US Justice Department. He fielded a question from the audience regarding email security. His response...

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