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Deploy Red Team to root out excess privilege — or end up red-faced

While outside pen testing is important, it does not address the bigger problems facing the enterprise today: sophisticated attackers who use escalated privileges to subvert business processes.

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Twitter acquisition of web security firm Dasient protects its growing ad business

Twitter’s acquisition of Web security company Dasient is good news for the social network giant and its millions of users, though, on the down side, it takes the security vendor off the general market. The acquisition is apparently focused on protecting Twitter’s growing advertising business, leveraging Dasient’s...

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Spotting and, perhaps, stopping the malicious insider

Do you know this person? He is currently employed, between the age of 35 and 40, holds a technical position, and has a new job offer at a competing company. He very well could be working next to you right now. And he’s someone every company should be concerned about. Who is this person? It’s is the “malicious insider,”...

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DDoS attacks bring down Polish government websites over support for international anti-piracy agreement

There was a new wave of distributed denial-of-service attacks in protest of anti-piracy activity over the weekend, this time targeting Polish government websites. The attacks came in advance of the Polish government’s expected signing of ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) on Thursday. The loosely knit hacktivist group Anonymous,...

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Segmenting the IT security market: What you need to know

There are only four segments to the protective IT security space. My detailed list of categories that I use to track the IT security industry has about 85 entries. But I have found it useful to think of IT security in four primary buckets. In my analysis, I focus a great deal on countering attacks so these categories leave out the products that...

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