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The first thing we do, is hack all the lawyers

It was 1994 and I was presenting at a conference on security and privacy on that new fangled Internet thing.  As founder of an ISP (Rust.net) in the Midwest, I did a lot of such events.  One of the other speakers was an attorney from the US Justice Department. He fielded a question from the audience regarding email security. His response...

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VeriSign breach revelation raises questions of SSL cert, DNS compromise

Joseph Menn of Reuters reported Thursday on an attack on VeriSign in 2010. He had picked up on a brief notice in VeriSign’s 10-Q SEC quarterly report.

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The hacktivist threat: Brazilian bank sites continue to fall victim to DDoS attacks

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against Brazilian financial institutions continued today, as the HSBC Brazil was knocked offline, the latest victim of the hacktivist group Anonoymous OpWeeksPayment# campaign, demonstrating again the serious concern posed by the hacktivist factor. The group took credit for taking down the Banco do...

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Banking fraud malware trick helps criminals evade detection

Perpetrators of online banking fraud are using new techniques to misdirect bank verification and make discovery of fraudulent activity more difficult. Criminals are attempting to divert calls from banks to attacker numbers, using stolen information, to allow them to cover and possibly even continue to pillage accounts. The techniques have been...

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PwC survey: Preparation, not prediction, is key to weathering security storm

At the beginning of every year, experts  feel compelled to make predictions about the kinds of security threats we’ll see in IT in the year ahead. While predictions can be interesting, they typically are little more than an extension of recent security threat trends. As long as the trends continue, the prognosticators look pretty...

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