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More than half of U.S. DDoS victims blame unscrupulous competitors, Corero survey reveals

Anonymous is not the biggest threat to launch a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS ) attack against your organization. Ideologically and politically inspired (aka hacktivist) DDoS attacks have gained wide notoriety, with some justification. The victim sites are highly prominent, very public companies, government agencies and industry groups...

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Embracing (or being bear-hugged by) BYOD? Learn from those who are making it work

Mobile device security sessions are drawing crowds at the RSA Conference. Unlike THE hot topic in some other years (remember when everyone was so keen on NAC?), the explosive increase in the use of smart phones and tablets, and the move to cloud services are changing the way companies do business, changing the role of IT to more of a service...

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Symantec unveils first stage of cloud security initiative, broad VMware integration

The fundamental requirements of information security may not change dramatically as organizations migrate to cloud-based services, but implementing the policies and controls governing security are another matter. Symantec has unveiled the first of a three-stage cloud security initiative, the 03 Information Protection gateway, which it...

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Mobile security market reflects growing urgency; McAfee release blacklists apps, segregates email accounts

Although it can be argued there’s still some FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) around the rise of mobile device malware, there is no doubt as McAfee releases its latest mobile device management and security software that several factors are responsible for the perceived risk around mobile devices: They have become powerful computing...

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Mobile device adoption is highest-risk computing initiative;Symantec upgrades mobile security on heels of survey

Mobile device security is hot. In Symantec’s new survey of 6725 organization in 43 countries identified it as the top computing initiative risk (41%) — a greater area of concern than public cloud computing (35%). Symantec has followed up the survey with announcement of several enhancements to its mobile device management and security...

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