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Stefan Fouant brings over 18 years of experience in the Service Provider and network security industries as both an trusted advisor as well as a thought leader. Most recently, Fouant worked at Juniper Networks as a routing and security expert assisting large Tier 1 carriers. His background includes work at Verizon where he was responsible for launching one of the first large-scale cloud-enabled DDoS mitigation and detection services and also work at Neustar/UltraDNS where he was responsible for building out their layered DDoS response mechanisms, laying the groundwork for Neustar’s DDoS mitigation service offerings. Most recently during his time at Corero, he has authored drafts within the IETF relating to standardized signaling of coordinated DDoS attack filtering and mitigation mechanisms. He holds several patents in the areas of DDoS Detection and Mitigation, as well as many industry certifications including CISSP, JNCIE-SP, JNCIE-ENT, and JNCIE-SEC. He was the first person in the world to achieve all three expert level Juniper certifications and was a technical editor of the book “Juniper MX Series” by O’Reilly.

Posts by Stefan Fouant

Carrier Grade NAT and the DoS Consequences

The Internet has a very long history of utilizing mechanisms that may breathe new life into older technologies, stretching it out so that newer technologies may be delayed or obviated altogether. IPv4 addressing, and the well-known depletion associated with it, is one such area that has seen a plethora of mechanisms employed in order to give it...

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Is DDoS Mitigation as-a-service becoming a defacto offering for providers?

It’s well known in the industry that DDoS attacks are becoming more frequent and increasingly debilitating, turning DDoS mitigation into a mission critical initiative for providers. From the largest of carriers to small and mid-level enterprises, more and more Internet connected businesses are becoming a target of DDoS attacks. What was once...

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