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Sean Newman is Director Product Management for Corero Network Security.  Sean has worked in the security and networking industry for twenty years, with previous roles including network security Global Product Manager for Cisco, who he joined as part of their acquisition of cyber-security vendor Sourcefire, where he was Security Evangelist and Field Product Manager for EMEA.  Prior to that he was Senior Product Manager for endpoint and network security vendor Sophos, after having spent more than 12 years as an Engineer, Engineering Manager and then Senior Product Manager for network infrastructure manufacturer 3Com.


Posts by Sean Newman

New DDoS Protection for Physical or Virtual Environments

Corero recently launched the SmartWall Network Threat Defense - Virtual Edition (vNTD), which brings real-time DDoS attack visibility and mitigation to virtualized environments, for more diverse, flexible deployment possibilities.

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How to Handle DDoS Attacks: A Critique of DDoS Myths

A recent TechSpective article listed 20 ways to help prevent a DDoS attack. Some of the suggestions are helpful, but many of them have little benefit against the types of DDoS attacks which are common today. So, in the interest of busting some DDoS myths, this blog puts the recommendations in context.

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The Importance of DDoS Attack Visibility

As sophisticated DDoS threats continue to evolve, effective security analysis requires continuous visibility into the traffic flowing between the protected network and the Internet. Analysis of past events is valuable to help prepare for future threats.

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DDoS-for-Points: How to Beat Hackers at Their Own Game

DDoS attacks are popular among online game players, and recently a Turkish hacker created a game that rewards players for launching DDoS attacks against a set of political websites.

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Sub-Saturating DDoS Attacks Steal Bandwidth

Sub-saturating, surgical DDoS attacks can be a threat to any organization, but the impact on Service Providers can be even greater.

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6 DDoS Attack Protection Myths

Having been in the business of DDoS protection for many years, Corero has seen plenty of bad advice thrown around by various cyber pundits. Below we have put together 6 common myths around DDoS protection, and our response to them.

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Online Gaming Companies are EA-sy Targets for DDoS Hackers

Recent DDoS attacks on Blizzard and EA servers highlight the vulnerability of the online gaming industry. Fortunately, gaming companies— or, for that matter, all companies that rely on a continuous online presence— now have better choices that can deliver near-instantaneous protection.

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Strategies Shifting for DDoS DNS Amplification Attacks

New research presented at the Black Hat conference indicates that DDoS DNS amplification attacks are now more likely to use SSDP than NTP, and that DDoS attacks may generally be smaller than are commonly reported.

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Automated DDoS Protection Hardware Fills a Gap in Network Security

There is no shortage of cyber threats, but there is a shortage of trained IT security personnel to guard against them. With automated DDoS mitigation in place, IT security staff would have more time to handle other cyber security threats.

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