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Andrew Lloyd
President and EVP Sales & Marketing

As President and Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Andrew Lloyd is responsible for leading Corero’s commercial expansion and sales growth with a focus on delighting new and existing customers.  Andrew has been involved in the IT software and systems sector for more than 30 years.

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DDoS Attacks Can Interfere with Election Campaigns

With the U.S. 2018 midterm elections less than two weeks away, elections officials and political candidates have reason to be concerned about cybersecurity. Potential targets could include either a state or local election system, or the websites of political candidates, or on voter registration systems.

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Survey Indicates Lack of Enterprise DDoS Awareness and Protection

Last month, I had the honor to host a workshop at the R3: Resilience, Response & Recovery Summit in London, with two of my fellow Corero colleagues: Sean Newman and Peter Cutler.

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Small DDoS Attacks Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Organizations that continue to think of DDoS attacks as just large, long-drawn-out attacks are putting themselves at great risk. Over the past few years, Corero has observed that short sub-saturating DDoS attacks are dominating the threat landscape.

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How DDoS Attacks Impact Businesses Across Industries

There is no doubt that the frequency and sophistication of DDoS attacks targeting various industries around the globe is likely to accelerate in the near future. But, what are the potential consequences of DDoS attacks on your business? This is a question every organisation should ask themselves in today’s dynamic cyber threat landscape, where DDoS attackers continue to look out for more creative techniques to create chaos.

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Study Confirms DDoS Attacks Damage Customer Trust and Erode Confidence

Erosion of customer trust and confidence is the single most damaging consequence of DDoS attacks for businesses, according to a study amongst IT security professionals attending this year’s Infosecurity Europe, conducted by Corero Network Security.

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10-minute DDoS attacks: A Devil in Disguise

One of the biggest cybersecurity threats most organisations underestimate are short, sub-saturating DDoS attacks. However, they can be just as disruptive as bigger attacks and powerful enough to knock a firewall offline so that the hackers can target, map and infiltrate a network to install malware and engage into data exfiltration.

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The Effects of DDoS Attacks on Essential Services

The Effects of DDoS Attacks on Essential Services Public services continue to fall victim to distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks with many industry experts, including Corero, predicting that this is going to get worse before it gets better. Our collective pessimism is being fuelled by dire warnings from government agencies that Nation...

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Critical Infrastructure Organisations Could Face Huge Fines Under NIS Directive

The NIS Regulations are taking effect and those who operate essential services and industrial control systems will be expected to improve their resilience to today’s cyber threats. We examine how critical infrastructure organisations will respond to the rising threat of cyber-attacks.

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DDoS Attacks Can Cost Organizations $50,000 Per Attack

Corero surveyed over 300 security professionals from a range of industries including financial services, cloud, government, online gaming and media sectors, which revealed that DDoS attacks are costing enterprises up to $50,000 (£35,000) per attack.

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Critical Infrastructure Under Attack

Security researchers have long shared their concerns about potential cyberattacks on critical infrastructure systems. Over the past few weeks, there have been several reports highlighting the dangers of such attacks.

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The NIS Directive – just how tough is it really?

Over the last few months, UK media outlets have been filled with reports about the series of tough new measures being introduced on 9th May to protect our national critical infrastructure against cyber threats.

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Corero’s Expertise Effectively Eliminates the Double-Trouble Threat of the Memcached Exploit

We’ve identified an “active defense” countermeasure which neutralizes the problem. In more emotive terms, we have found and implemented the “kill switch” for Memcached.

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