About Toby Smith

Toby Smith brings 15+ years of networking and training experience to Corero Network Security. He has worked as a Technical Trainer, and also as a Network Engineer at a financial company. As Technical Training Manager, Toby explains complex DDoS characteristics to his customers in easily understandable ways. Toby has been instrumental in establishing Corero as a category creator for real-time, scalable DDoS protection that is architected to meet the needs of any Internet dependent organization, including, mid-tier hosting and service providers, on-line gaming entities, tier-1 carriers and large online enterprises.

In this role, Toby is responsible for shaping the algorithms and reporting of the Smartwall Network Threat Defense Appliance to better detect and mitigate a DDoS attack while still upholding the Corero promise of “Do no Harm”. He also designs and delivers the courseware and learning tools for the Smartwall platform.

Posts by Toby Smith

Shapes of DDoS Threats

For a device to offer DDoS protection it must be able to handle the different traffic profiles that constitute the current DDoS attack landscape. By illustrating the relative layer 3 and layer 4 counts of source and destination one can easily see the major categories of DDoS Threats. After introducing a basic traffic shape, anomalous variants will...

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