Hyve Selects Corero’s First Line of Defense to Protect Against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), Zero Day and Server Targeted Attacks

Leading Business Hosting Solutions Provider Hyve Relies on Corero to Ensure Availability

LONDON, March 27, 2013 – Corero Network Security (CNS:LN) today announced that Hyve, a leader in business hosting solutions, selected Corero’s First Line of Defense solution to safeguard its clients against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and other unwanted traffic to ensure availability.

As the UK’s first enterprise VMware cloud hosting provider, Hyve offers leading enterprises from across industries from technology and telecommunications to healthcare and financial services with a reliable web presence and unfettered access to high-traffic, mission-critical systems. For Hyve performance and security is paramount. To guarantee uptime after being the target of DDoS attacks, Hyve chose Corero to provide its First Line of Defense.

“We demanded the best protection on the market and for that we needed the best technology and so we selected Corero. We had looked at several DDoS solutions and even evaluated some of them in house. Not only did Corero provide the best DDoS protection it protected our clients against all of the unwanted traffic hitting us at our perimeter from zero-day to server-targeted attacks,” said Jake Madders, Technical Account Manager at Hyve. “Nothing comes into our network now without first passing through Corero’s appliances.”

Corero's First Line of Defense was selected because of its proven ability to stop DDoS attacks and other unwanted traffic at the perimeter. As they reside at this new perimeter, Corero's solutions stop both known and unknown attacks, before they reach the firewall, allowing the existing IT infrastructure to do what it was designed to do.

“By implementing Corero as the first line of defense in our layered security architecture, Hyve is proactively protecting against all of the unwanted traffic hitting the network, ensuring uptime and enabling the existing infrastructure, including their firewalls, to do the jobs they were intended to do. This helps Hyve meet our mission to provide the best customer service through outstanding performance while not compromising on security,” Madders added.

Marty Meyer, President of Corero said: “We are thrilled that a leading service provider, like Hyve, selected Corero to ensure availability of its network by stopping the DDoS attacks and other unwanted traffic that was hitting it. For organizations like Hyve where security and performance are of the utmost importance this is yet another validation that it is business critical to have purpose-built technology like Corero’s at the edge, stopping today’s unwanted traffic."