Fastmetrics Selects Corero’s DDoS Defense Technology to Detect and Mitigate Network Threats

Ensures Uninterrupted Services for Internet Service Provider and Protects Against Constantly Evolving Threats

HUDSON, MA., June 12, 2012 – Corero Network Security (CNS: LN), the leading provider of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Defense and Next Generation IPS (NGIPS) solutions, today announced that Internet service provider (ISP) Fastmetrics has deployed its DDoS Defense technology to detect and block network- and application-layer DDoS attacks and all forms of malware-based attacks.

Corero’s DDoS Defense technologies stop DDoS attacks, ensuring Fastmetrics’ customers have a seamless experience with uninterrupted service. As a full-service ISP, Fastmetrics ensures its clients have the fast, unimpeded Internet access that is vital to their businesses. If Internet access, email, voice services or unified communications are slowed or unavailable, Fastmetrics’ clients would be unable to service their own customers. 

“DDoS attacks are an increasingly serious threat that could be detrimental to our customers,” said Andreas Glocker, CEO of Fastmetrics. “We’re committed to protecting our infrastructure, and Corero offers the industry’s best solution for detection and mitigation against sophisticated DDoS attacks. We take data security seriously and need to ensure 24×7 service reliability. Corero is an ideal partner, because they have decades of experience and the industry’s best solutions for stopping DDoS attacks in their tracks.”

DDoS attacks disrupt business, costing thousands, even millions of dollars in lost revenue. Corero's on-premises DDoS Defense relies on a patented DDoS detection algorithm and behavioral analysis to identify and stop DDoS attack traffic. It is the only solution that is effective against all types of DDoS attacks, particularly the newer, insidious, low and slow application-layer attacks that have become the hackers’ weapon of choice. These attacks are very difficult to identify and mitigate, rendering traditional DDoS solutions ineffective.

The solution is built on Corero's fourth-generation network security platform, which features Three-Dimensional Protection (3DP) against network-borne cyber threats, including malware, unwanted access and DDoS.

“The unfortunate truth is that ISPs and organizations that rely on the availability of the Internet to conduct business are potential attack targets,” said Marty Meyer, CEO of Corero Network Security.  “ISPs aren’t immune to attacks from a monetary or ideological standpoint, and Fastmetrics is taking the necessary proactive measures to safeguard its network by using our award-winning DDoS Defense technology.”