Corero Network Security Services


Can I Upgrade from a Lower to Higher Capacity Appliance via a License Upgrade?

Corero’s SmartWall Threat Defense System can be upgraded to a higher capacity with a simple license upgrade key. The new license key is entered into the management GUI on the device and with a simple reboot the unit operates at a higher capacity, allowing the solution to grow as customer bandwidth and processing requirements increase. If you’re interested in upgrading your license, please email us at or call 978-212-1500.

What Other Support Services Does Corero Offer?

We offer a variety of support services to complement the SmartWall Threat Defense System, including:

  • SecureWatch Maintain: a “lightweight monitoring service.” This service is available to Corero customers to maintain and keep the technology operating optimally and up-to-date.
  • SecureWatch Managed Service: Tiered expert DDoS defense services, including organization-specific implementation, around-the-clock monitoring and immediate and effective response in the event of an attack.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: available to Corero customers on a 24×7 basis to assist with software and hardware issues.
  • Turn-Key Installation Service: as part of the purchase price, purchased in two-day (8 hours per day) increments.
  • Periodic Security Optimization Services: which can be purchased in one-day (8 hour) increments.

Does Corero Issue Security Advisories?

Yes, Corero keeps up-to-date with security vulnerabilities. Corero updates the vulnerabilities list.

Where Can I Find Corero’s End User Agreements?

Please visit the End User Agreements page, which includes the Hardware Warranty, Maintenance & Support, Software Warrant & License Agreement, SecureWatch PLUS Agreement and Third Party Licenses Agreements.

If you have more questions about Corero’s services please visit Corero’s Customer Service Portal