Don’t Let a DDoS Attack Bring You Down on Cyber Monday

Keep your “virtual doors” open this season and take THE TEST

HUDSON, MA., November 7, 2012 – For e-retailers, time offline affects the bottom line. With increased choice and competition, when a site goes down, shoppers head elsewhere. A recent poll of internet professionals found that 16% of ALL internet retailers have been victimized by a DDoS attack; a typical incident can cost between $10,000 and $50,000 per hour, resulting in losses up to $250,000 a day!

Don't get caught out in the cold: TAKE CORERO'S DDoS PREPAREDNESS TEST and see if you're ready to weather any storm. If not, Corero’s “First Line of Defense” can stop a DDoS attack before it eats away at your profits.

In addition to taking Corero's DDoS PREPAREDNESS TEST, there are a number of additional steps all businesses should take to ward of any potential downtime this holiday season:

  1. KNOW WHAT AN ATTACK LOOKS LIKE: Have a plan to RECOGNIZE smaller attacks that fall under the radar of traditional defenses.
  2. CREDIT CARD SECURITY: Protect your Payment Card infrastructure and deploy defenses at the perimeter of your cardholder data.
  3. KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS: Lock out business with all countries where you don’t do transactions.
  4. BE VIGILANT: Maintain continuous vigilance, understand the latest attack tools and test your defenses against the broadest spectrum of possible attacks.
  5. MEASURE THE FINANCIAL IMPACT: Look into taking advantage of available technologies and services to thwart DDoS attacks before they take you down.
  6. LOOK FOR FRAUD! It's a mistake to let the DDoS attack consume all IT and security resources. The attack could be a smokescreen to mask a more serious threat.

TAKE THE TEST and give yourself the gift of security this season.