DDoS Protection – Why Hosting Providers Need It!

As DDoS attacks continue to increase in size and frequency, hosting providers face mounting pressure to prevent these attacks from infiltrating their networks.

Why Hosting Providers Need a DDoS Protection Solution

  1. Hosting Providers are Targets
    Hosting providers are targets for damaging DDoS attacks because the number of customers they service and the aggregate Internet peering bandwidth they utilize greatly increases their attack surface. An attack on a single client of the provider—such as a high-traffic gaming service—can create major collateral damage to other hosted customers. These innocent bystanders are placed in the unfortunate situation of suffering from second-hand (damage) because they are hosted on the same shared facilities as the intended victim, and the results can be devastating for both the provider and their customers.

  2. Hosting Providers Must Protect Their Customers
    Because hosting providers are the conduit of Internet connectivity for so many businesses, they have an obligation to adequately protect their customers to from DDoS attacks.

  3. Hosting Providers are Bound by SLAs
    Hosting providers are bound to various SLAs and uptime requirements, which are significantly impacted by DDoS attacks.

Benefits of DDoS Protection for Hosting Providers

  1. Acquire New Customers by Differentiating from the Competition
    Hosting providers face keen competition for new customers. Every hosting provider is measured on its ability to meet SLAs, and network connectivity is a key consideration for maintaining an always-on Internet availability. Enterprises don’t want to move their unprotected services to an unprotected cloud; before they consider migrating to hosted services, they want to ensure that their provider has adequate DDoS protection measures in place. By differentiating their services through their DDoS security infrastructure, hosting providers have the opportunity to win new customers.

  1. Increase Customer Loyalty
    When websites go offline because of a DDoS attack on the hosting provider servers, customers aren’t very sympathetic to the hosting provider; they’re likely to switch providers. Hosting providers can help keep their customers happy by defending their servers against these damaging DDoS attacks. A happy customer is a loyal customer, which equals revenue. Which leads to my third point…

  2. Create New Revenue Streams
    As more organizations migrate critical applications and services to hosted environments, the premium placed on network security is becoming increasingly important. Hosting providers that can document and demonstrate the value of their DDoS protection capabilities can position themselves to offer tiered services with premium pricing based on the level of advanced DDoS mitigation capabilities a customer requires.

How Corero DDoS Protection Can Help

With Corero’s SmartWall® Threat Defense System for DDoS protection, providers can offer cleaner transport streams, enhanced security SLAs, and greater visibility and reporting with SecureWatch Analytics. This analytics portal can be leveraged as a comprehensive virtual Security Operations Center (SOC).

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