DDoS Protection Increases Customer Retention for Telecoms

DDoS Protection Increases Customer Retention for Telecoms

Telecoms and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are constantly making investments to expand or enhance their infrastructure, and to drive customer growth. Their market is structured in a way that forces them to do so, as a means of driving revenues and maintaining their position in the provider food chain. Retaining and growing accounts for existing customers is much easier than gaining new ones, particularly in an industry with such significant turnover. But which technologies offer the greatest opportunities for this kind of advancement?

Many enterprise customers are concerned about security – but this doesn’t mean that telecoms should look solely at security tools when planning the expansion of their service offerings. Instead, they need to look at the much broader picture of risk management. Telecoms can go a step further in their marketplace by offering a DDoS Protection Solution and strategies delivered as a service to their customers.

Why take this approach? The answer is simple. You won’t be able to invest in your infrastructure down the line if you’re losing customers now, or being usurped by those who have a larger, more diverse service offering. Companies are quickly realizing that action is required now, in order to protect future services, and keep up with competitors.

The technology is there, as well as the demand, for telecoms to offer bundled services that can help customers big and small manage the risks facing their networks. Most customers look at security as part of what they need to tackle; encapsulating DDoS mitigation services with other risk management provisions, such as next generation firewalls in tiered bundles, will give customers the flexibility they need and make a huge difference to them in mitigating the cyber threats facing their organizations.

Many ISPs and data center providers are looking at offering DDoS services as part of a bundle this way, with those who have done so seeing massive increases in sign-ups as a direct result of their investment.

So the trick to making those customers stick is to broaden the offering to cover risk management. Studies have shown customers are willing to pay extra. Given their unique positioning within the network infrastructure, ISPs and telecoms are able to harness the latest technology to provide a fantastic service and value for their customers.

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