DDoS Mitigation Solutions & MSSPs Work Together to Keep SMBs Safe

Cyber attacks are on the rise, affecting all kinds of organizations and industries. To cope with the ever-changing threat landscape, society needs workers who have the expertise to prevent or mitigate the effects of cybercrime. Among academics, corporations, and government agencies there is general agreement that there is a shortage of cyber security workers who are trained to prevent or handle such attacks. As it stands now, the demand for cyber security employees outweighs the supply, despite past or current investments in science, technology and engineering (STEM) education programs.

Even if there were enough cyber security workers to meet the demand, small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) are more vulnerable than others. They are the least able to prevent or mitigate cyber attacks because they often can’t afford to retain in-house cyber experts or purchase cyber security products/services. To make matters worse, SMBs tend to have the least capacity in terms of staff time or capital reserves to recover from the damaging effects of a cyberattack (downtime, loss of revenue, loss of customer trust, etc.)

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) serve a vital function for SMBs. Because MSSPs have the expertise to handle a variety of IT security issues, SMBs increasingly outsource their IT and security operations to them.

However, regardless of how talented and skilled a cyber security specialist is, a human cannot detect and respond quickly enough to DDoS attacks. Therefore it’s essential to deploy a DDoS protection solution, which reduces the need for human intervention/expertise. An in-line, real-time DDoS mitigation system must be part of the modern security architecture, because:

1) Most attacks are low-threshold, under the radar attacks that escape detection of out-of-band flow sampling, and

2) with large-scale attacks the damage is already done by the time an intrusion has been noticed by humans.

How the SmartWall Can Help MSSPs

Corero’s SmartWall Threat Defense System (TDS) inspects, detects and defends against DDoS attacks and other cyber threats in real time. The MSSP can be confident it will automatically trigger and operate autonomously when its customer business is under attack. This is especially important during security incidents, because communications with remote customers are also at risk.

To make these solutions affordable to SMBs, MSSPs can cost-effectively amortize these automated solutions across multiple SMB clients. Some MSSPs generate revenue by offering DDoS mitigations as a cloud-based security service for their clients; to learn more about how Corero’s SmartWall can help MSSPs, visit our website or contact us.