Corero SmartWall Solutions Brief

Real-time, Automatic and Highly-Scalable DDoS Defense Solutions

Datasheet Overview:

Corero SmartWall® leads the industry with real-time, automatic, protection that keeps DDoS attacks at bay, without any of the downtime associated with other solutions.

SmartWall uses a patented, innovative and automated, multi-stage detection and mitigation pipeline to ensure the highest possible efficacy. Protection is achieved while maintaining line-rate performance, to ensure legitimate traffic is not impacted by damaging false-positives, or a significant increase in latency

Key Benefits:
  • Comprehensive visibility, before, during and after an attack
  • Automatically detects and blocks DDoS attacks of all sizes, in seconds
  • Accurately allows the good and stops the bad, ensuring business continuity
  • Simple deployment and automatic protection to minimize operating costs
  • Highly scalable Cloud/On-Premise Hybrid solution
  • Flexible deployment models, for In-Line or out-of-band Scrubbing
  • Enables Managed DDoS Protection Services