Corero Selects Core Security’s CORE IMPACT Pro to Verify Network Intrusion Prevention System Protection

Penetration Testing Product Provides Broadest Real-World Testing Platform for Security Controls Validation

Boston, March 04, 2011 – Penetration Testing Product Provides Broadest Real-World Testing Platform for Security Controls Validation

Core Security Technologies, the market's leading provider of IT security test and measurement software solutions, today announced that Corero Network Security, a leading global provider of network intrusion prevention systems (IPS), has selected penetration testing solution CORE IMPACT Pro as one of its tools to help validate the effectiveness of its IPS technology.

"Our customers expect our network IPS solution to reduce the likelihood of computers on their networks becoming compromised through remote exploit activity," said Mike Paquette, chief strategy officer at Corero. "We rely on CORE IMPACT Pro as a key part of our security team's arsenal of testing tools so that we can continuously validate the security protection offered by our IPS solution. CORE IMPACT Pro accurately replicates the remote exploit processes used in today's attacks, allowing Corero to be confident that our solution provides real-world protection that our customers demand."

With CORE IMPACT Pro's regularly updated threat library, Corero can ensure that its customers are secure even as new vulnerabilities are discovered and new attack techniques and exploits emerge. With CORE IMPACT Pro Corero can:

  • Quickly and easily test IPS effectiveness: New exploits are constantly being developed to target vulnerable computer systems, so it's critical that Corero validates that its IPS solution provides protection before criminals and/or attackers break through. With CORE IMPACT Pro's automated penetration testing, Corero can run controlled exploit attempts to validate IPS protection.
  • Configure IPS properly and more efficiently: To successfully deploy an IPS, organizations must tune it to fit the unique aspects of their environment. CORE IMPACT Pro tests and evaluates specific infrastructures, providing Corero with the information necessary to refine IPS policies and ensure optimal network protection right out of the box.

In addition, CORE IMPACT Pro's Traffic Masking capability enables testers to deploy exploits using advanced traffic modification techniques, such as fragmentation and encryption, which have become increasingly popular with attackers.

"CORE IMPACT Pro allows Corero to test and measure its IPS protection in the most realistic manner possible – by proactively replicating attacks in the same ways that an attacker would," said Stephen Pace, vice president of sales and service at Core Security. "CORE IMPACT Pro provides proof of how a data breach could occur and which information assets would be exposed, which helps Corero provide leading-edge protection to its customers."

Return on Investment Across all Security Defenses

Defense mechanisms can require significant time and financial investments. That is why organizations are increasingly turning to comprehensive security testing solution CORE IMPACT Pro to validate the efficacy of these tools and to evaluate their return on investment both before and after purchasing products.

CORE IMPACT Pro provides detailed and coherent reports that allow organizations to quickly understand how well their defense mechanisms are working at any given point in time. By safely simulating real-world threat scenarios against network, endpoint, Web application, wireless and email defenses, CORE IMPACT Pro helps organizations prove whether defenses are effectively detecting and preventing attacks, or if they should being looking for alternatives.

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