Corero Releases IPS 5500 EC-Series Intrusion Prevention Systems for Protection Against Network Security Threats in 2010 and Beyond

Company’s 4th-Generation IPS, Powered by Tilera Multicore Architecture, Delivers Proven Network Security, Excellent System Performance, Unmatched Reliability and Customer Investment Protection

Hudson, MA, June 09, 2010 – Corero is a leading global provider of Network Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), announced today the availability of the newest models of its IPS 5500 E-Series family.  The fourth-generation EC-Series leverages Corero's proven IPS and attack mitigation software running on leading-edge multicore processor technology from Tilera to provide the broadest protection against network threats, high performance, unmatched reliability, and future expansion capabilities.

"The new Corero's IPS 5500 EC-Series appliances demonstrate the company's commitment to providing their customers with long-term investment protection.  The innovative new EC-Series platform provides the proven Corero's IPS interface and integrates seamlessly into our existing IPS management command & control infrastructure.  We are particularly excited about the new cost-effective remote site optimized Model 75EC, which provides us with same enterprise-class IPS protection and reliability we enjoy at our data centers at our many remote sites throughout the US and Canada," stated Charles Neely Harper, Director – National Supply and Pipeline Operations, Air Liquide Large Industries U.S. LP.

According to Gartner, "More than 40% of organizations name IPS, patch management, DLP, antivirus and identity management among the top five security priorities for 2010.  Almost half of organizations include intrusion prevention systems (IPSs) in their project portfolios."[1]

The IPS 5500 EC-Series provides protection against current and future network-borne cyber threats by combining Corero's threat protection update service, high-performance, purpose-built IPS platforms, and real-time management and reporting capabilities.  Corero's new IPS 5500 EC-Series offers significant advantages:

  • IPS Investment Protection:  Hot-standby "Tile" processors provide reserve capacity for future features and functionality while utilizing the same E-Series management software so existing customers have no need to re-train staff on the new solution.
  • Unmatched Reliability: Mean-Time Between Failures (MTBF) for the EC-Series is over 30 years, more than four times the MTBF rating of competing IPS solutions, resulting in longer hardware life and longer-term investment benefit.  Built-in Zero-Power Bypass ensures "always up" network availability.
  • Blazing Performance:  Corero has harnessed the power of Tilera's multicore processors, which deliver the world's highest performance computing for network security applications.
  • Reduced Power Consumption: the EC-Series consumes only 90W, 45-70% less power than competing IPS solutions, lowering data center operating costs.

For existing IPS 5500 customers, upgrading to the EC-Series is seamless, as the Corero algorithms and management software are the same ones they currently use – customers maintain the user experience they are familiar with while benefiting from a new 4th-generation IPS solution. 

Mike Paquette, Chief Strategy Officer, Corero said, "Companies are turning to IPS as a top security priority in 2010, and we are committed to developing the most innovative solutions for customers to protect their critical on-line assets against network-borne cyber threats.  The combination of our IPS protection capabilities, proven in thousands of customer deployments worldwide, and our powerful new Tilera multicore platform provides organizations with the capacity to fight today's cyber threats while protecting their IPS investments for tomorrow."

The EC-Series includes four models to address enterprise-wide deployment scenarios:

  • IPS 1000EC: engineered for large data centers and central sites
  • IPS 500EC: designed for smaller data centers
  • IPS 150EC: ideal for larger non-central sites
  • IPS 75EC: cost-effective model optimized for enterprise remote-site deployments

For more information call +1-978-212-1500 for pricing and additional details.