Corero Receives “Recommended” Rating in NSS DDoS Prevention Solutions Security Value Map

We’re pleased to report that the Corero SmartWall® Threat Defense System (TDS) earned a top position in the latest NSS Labs DDoS Prevention Group Test, earning the coveted “Recommended” rating, with high performance in all test categories. NSS Labs is an information research and advisory company, known for its third-party testing of the world’s leading security products.

The upper right corner placement of the SmartWall TDS for in-line and automatic DDoS mitigation in the NSS Labs Security Value Map (SVM) showcases a strong security posture and at the same time a lower than average total cost of ownership. The NSS Labs recommended rating is awarded for high performing technology solutions, irrespective of vendor market share, size, or industry penetration.

This third party testing and validation further corroborates the industry-disrupting capabilities in the SmartWall TDS. Corero is re-writing the book on DDoS defense, with high security efficacy and low false positives, matched with high performance and overall value to the end user.

SmartWall Case Studies

Corero customers offer additional, important validation of our ddos mitigation solution. The IT staff at Block Communications Commercial Telecommunications admire many aspects of SmartWall TDS, but they especially value its automated attack mitigation functionality.

“Our team monitors traffic but we don’t have to worry about it. We set it and forget it. Before we installed Corero, we would often spend hours to stop an attack. That is valuable time we can now reinvest into keeping the network as efficient and dependable as possible,”

said Stephen Clark, Director of IP Networks at Block Communications.

InMotion Hosting enjoys the SmartWall TDS user-friendly interface, and the fact that it is highly scalable. Erik Soroka, IT Manager at InMotion Hosting said, “We really like the idea with Corero that we could just slide in another appliance and get another 10Gbps of protection. This is something that was very attractive for us.”

Hivelocity, which provides data center services and cloud hosting reported,

“Corero was the final decision based on the interface, the capabil­ity, the scalability that it provides, as well as the people that represent the company. They have been really good to us throughout the process. Everything they said the product was going to do, it has done. Corero has outperformed the other solutions that we tested and we are just very pleased with its capabilities. Since we put the SmartWall TDS into place, we have not had one customer adversely affected by any DDoS attacks.”

All of us at Corero are delighted to receive validation from our customers and from NSS, a trusted research, analysis and testing company. And we won’t rest on our laurels; in the midst of the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats, we will continue to exceed expectations and delight our customers by creating the best DDoS mitigation solutions in the market today.

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