Corero Network Security to Present at the 2015 Canadian ISP Summit

Bipin, Vice President of Product Management to discuss the anatomy of multi-vector DDoS attacks

Hudson, MA – October 5, 2015 – Corero Network Security (LSE: CNS), a leading provider of First Line of Defense® security solutions against DDoS attacks, today announced its participation in the 2015 Canadian ISP summit, taking place in Toronto, Canada, November 9-11.

At the summit, Corero’s Bipin Mistry, Vice President of Product Management is slated to discuss the anatomy of a multi-vector DDoS attack and its linkage back to the hybrid cloud.

As the DDoS threat landscape evolves, so does the role of the network, security and operations teams tasked with protecting against these sophisticated and adaptive attacks. Obtaining clear visibility into the attacks lurking on the network is rapidly becoming a priority for network operators, and Internet Service providers are now realizing the importance of utilizing comprehensive visibility as a single pane of glass into the DDoS attacks and cyber threats permeating their networks. By leveraging the instantaneous detection and mitigation capabilities of in-line DDoS protection and applying them to a Cloud model ensures that customers will never see a delay in mitigation even for super saturation attacks, tying these detection and analysis mechanisms together into a more open model.

Corero will also be demonstrating the SmartWall® Threat Defense System (TDS) within the ISP Summit Solutions Showcase for the duration of the summit.

The SmartWall TDS is a next-generation slim-line DDoS protection appliance delivers 20Gbps full-duplex performance in a ¼ wide, 1 RU form factor.  This real-time DDoS defense appliance provides configurable policies to selectively enable a broad range of specific protection mechanisms to defend critical network assets against suspicious or malicious traffic types while allowing uninterrupted service access to legitimate users and applications. The SmartWall TDS also utilizes the concepts of Flex-Rule and Smart-Rule technology to apply granular detecting and blocking filters to a very specific DDoS attack with ease. These rules, leverage heuristic and closed loop policy, allow for rapid creation and deployment, thereby providing customers with the ability to respond rapidly to the evolving nature of sophisticated DDoS attacks.

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About Corero Network Security
Corero Network Security, an organization’s First Line of Defense® against DDoS attacks, is a pioneer in global network security. Corero products and services provide Online Enterprises, Service Providers, Hosting Providers and Managed Security Service Providers with an additional layer of security capable of inspecting Internet traffic and enforcing real-time access and monitoring policies designed to match the needs of the protected business. Corero technology enhances any defense-in-depth security architecture with a scalable, flexible and responsive defense against DDoS attacks and cyber threats before they reach the targeted IT infrastructure allowing online services to perform as intended.