Corero Network Security Strengthens its DDoS Defense Technology to Address Rapidly Evolving Threat Landscape

First to Deliver Adaptive, Analytics-Driven DDoS Protection, Improving Service Availability

Hudson, MA – March 09, 2015 – Corero Network Security (LSE: CNS), a leading provider of First Line of Defense® security solutions against DDoS attacks, today announced enhancements to its SmartWall® Threat Defense (TDS) System, now delivering adaptive, analytics-driven DDoS protection for superior network intelligence and infrastructure availability. By algorithmically detecting and defeating emerging DDoS attack vectors, Corero is providing network and security teams with a powerful tool to keep up with the evolving DDoS attack landscape. This enables organizations to better respond to events, protect their customers, and ensure maximum availability.

Corero is eliminating the need for human intervention in the event of a DDoS attack with the introduction of its powerful Smart-Rule and Flex-Rule filter technologies to analyze and filter malicious attack traffic, combined with automatic anomaly detection and rate-limiting. Attacks are blocked in real-time with a do-no-harm approach, allowing legitimate user traffic to flow unimpeded throughout the duration of the attack.

Smart-Rule Adaptive Filtering Technology

With its patent pending Smart-Rule adaptive filtering technology, Corero is enabling true automated detection and response in the face of newly detected DDoS attack vectors. The Smart-Rule leverages both heuristics and behavioral analysis to track, detect and mitigate attacks using patent- pending algorithms. It determines variances from normal behavior and subsequently applies specific and targeted filtering to block single as well as multi-vector attacks.

Flex-Rule On-Demand Countermeasures

Corero is also launching Flex-Rule on-demand countermeasures, arming its customers with a powerful ad hoc filtering capability to allow operators to identify and remove certain classes of DDoS attacks that are not easily mapped to a static protection rule. The SmartWall TDS uses the Flex-Rule with heuristics and closed loop policy allows the SmartWall TDS to quickly determine the nature of an attack and automatically create a countermeasure. This mechanism reduces overall operating expense by allowing operators to concentrate on other forms of security threats impacting the organization.

“This latest technology release supports customer demand for automatic mitigation, utilizing a closed loop system response to even the most sophisticated DDoS attacks,” said Dave Larson, CTO and Vice President, Product, Corero Network Security. “The SmartWall TDS inspects traffic at line rate, and as new DDoS attack techniques are identified, sophisticated analysis determines the need for customizing detection filters and blocking the attack immediately, vastly improving attack visibility, advanced threat protection and time to mitigation.”

Additional new features and benefits of the SmartWall TDS 8.07 include:

Alerting, Reporting and Heuristics:

Corero’s SecureWatch® Analytics, a complementary tool to the Corero SmartWall TDS, now offers Splunk query capabilities to provide customizable DDoS identification filters for sophisticated alerting, reporting and attack mitigation. This heuristic approach automates defense capabilities and adapts to the evolving DDoS threat landscape, providing customers with advanced real-time protection. With these capabilities, hosting providers, service providers and online enterprises around the world leveraging Corero’s DDoS protection products and services can guarantee service availability and ensure business success.

Open Hybrid Cloud Signaling:

Corero’s open hybrid cloud signaling capabilities provide customers with a hybrid approach to their DDoS defense efforts by combining the benefits of Corero’s leading on-premises solution with the scale of cloud-based anti-DDoS technologies. The SmartWall TDS can connect to any cloud based anti-DDoS service that supports the API, closing the DDoS mitigation loop between cloud and on-premises defense. This enables businesses with an on-demand provider for back up services in the event of massive, volumetric DDoS attacks to initiate that service in a timely manner based on the attack visibility provided by the Corero SmartWall TDS on premises.

Scalability, Power and Performance:

The Corero SmartWall TDS remains the performance leader for in-line DDoS protection, offering the lowest power consumption and smallest footprint, with the highest throughput in defeating DDoS attacks. Capitalizing on the next generation DDoS protection architecture, the Corero SmartWall TDS scales to individual protection clusters supporting up to 160 Gbps of Internet throughput, managed through one centralized console. Customers worldwide are using the SmartWall TDS to protect themselves against the damaging impact of DDoS attacks, with some protecting more than 200 Gbps of peering bandwidth.

About Corero Network Security
Corero Network Security, an organization’s First Line of Defense® against DDoS attacks, is a pioneer in global network security. Corero products and services provide Online Enterprises, Service Providers, Hosting Providers and Managed Security Service Providers with an additional layer of security capable of inspecting Internet traffic and enforcing real-time access and monitoring policies designed to match the needs of the protected business. Corero technology enhances any defense-in-depth security architecture with a scalable, flexible and responsive defense against DDoS attacks and cyber threats before they reach the targeted IT infrastructure allowing online services to perform as intended. For more information, visit