Corero DDoS Defense System Wins Two Hot Companies and Best Products Awards from Network Products Guide

Awards from Network Products Guide

Company’s First Line of Defense DDoS Solution Recognized in “IT Products and Services for Enterprise (Medium)” and “IT Products and Services for Finance, Banking and Insurance” Categories

Hudson, MA – July 1, 2014 – Corero Network Security (LSE: CNS), a leading provider of First Line of Defense® security solutions, today announced that its DDoS Defense System was selected for two of Network Products Guide’s 2014 Hot Companies and Best Products  Awards. The solution won silver in the “IT Products and Services for Enterprise (Medium)” and “IT Products and Services for Finance, Banking and Insurance” categories. These industry and peer recognitions from Network Products Guide honor the achievements of organizations across the IT industry.

The Corero DDoS Defense System, paired with its SecureWatch services, provides organizations with protection against a continuously evolving spectrum of DDoS attacks and cyber threats that have the potential to impact any Internet connected business. The solution defends against DDoS, cyber threats and malicious attack activity that can interrupt business operations and keep legitimate users from getting through. Furthermore, it eliminates unwanted and troublesome traffic before it hits the firewall, enabling network and security devices that are not built to handle DDoS attacks, to perform as designed. This provides organizations with critical visibility while allowing their entire IT infrastructure to operate more efficiently, and as a result, delivers improved performance, efficiency and effectiveness for customers’ defense-in-depth security technologies.

“In the first half of this year alone we’ve a significant up-tick in not only the frequency but also the size and sophistication of DDoS attacks. Many of the victims unfortunately were not adequately prepared to defend themselves against this type of malicious traffic. Companies cannot afford to wait until after a DDoS attack to develop a plan; they must proactively defend themselves before it’s too late,” said Ashley Stephenson, CEO, Corero Network Security. “Corero strives to ensure that our customers have the right mitigation tools and visibility of their raw Internet traffic to efficiently and effectively defend their business against these attacks. We welcome the recognition from Network Products Guide as a testament to our efforts.”

Complementary to on-demand cloud-based DDoS protection and existing firewall technologies, the Corero First Line of Defense technologies provide comprehensive protection upstream of the firewall, defending against a broad spectrum of attack types. Customers also benefit from SecureWatch Analytics as part of their purchase of the DDoS Defense Solution, providing them with turn-key visibility into DDoS and cyber attacks targeting their networks and comprehensive dashboards for actionable security intelligence.

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Corero Network Security, an organization’s First Line of Defense® against DDoS attacks and cyber threats, is a pioneer in global network security. Corero products and services provide Online Enterprises, Service Providers, Hosting Providers and Managed Security Service Providers with an additional layer of security capable of inspecting Internet traffic and enforcing real-time access and monitoring policies designed to match the needs of the protected business. Corero technology enhances any defense-in-depth security architecture with a scalable, flexible and responsive defense against DDoS attacks and cyber threats before they reach the targeted IT infrastructure allowing online services to perform as intended. For more information, visit

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