Corero Announces Availability of its DDoS Defense System

Combined with New SecureWatch PLUS Monitoring and Intervention Service, Corero Provides Around the Clock Protection against DDoS Attacks

Hudson, MA., October 19, 2011  Corero Network Security (CNS: LN), the leader in on-premises Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection for enterprises, data centers and hosting providers, today announced availability of its DDoS Defense System (DDS), which detects and blocks both network and application-layer DDoS attacks. Corero complements DDS with SecureWatch PLUS, a new comprehensive monitoring and intervention service. Corero is the only company to offer the combination of on-premises DDoS defense products and specialized anti-DDoS services tailored to each customer's specific needs.

The Corero SecureWatch PLUS service extends customers' security teams with experienced and battle-proven DDoS defense expertise. Corero installs the DDS unit as an in-line network device and supplements the specially configured hardware and software elements with 24×7 SecureWatch PLUS support from the Corero Security Operations Center (SOC). A dedicated technical account team works closely with the customer to provide proactive DDoS defense planning, implement around-the-clock surveillance, and coordinate a sustained and expert response in the event of an attack.

SecureWatch PLUS features three stages of support:

  • Preparation:
    • Audit the customer's IT environment, and provide a customized and complete defensive configuration based on corporate security policy and DDoS defense best practices
    • Collaboratively establish a coordinated DDoS attack response plan that combines end-user and Corero expertise, to ensure timely and effective actions that support the customer's business objectives in the event of a DDoS attack
  • Vigilance:
    • Ongoing collaboration and communication between Corero and the SecureWatch PLUS customer to ensure up-to-date defenses in the face of evolving threats and a dynamic end-user environment
    • 24×7 security monitoring to deliver real-time alerting to the end-user and the Corero security operations center staff at the onset of an attack
  • Response:
    • Immediate engagement of Corero DDoS defense experts, armed with a thorough understanding of the SecureWatch PLUS customer's policies, configuration and business-critical requirements, working with customer IT staff to quickly and effectively mitigate the attack
    • Continued availability of Corero DDoS defense expertise throughout the duration of an attack to help assure business continuity
    • Post-incident assessment of attack methods, impact and recommended measures to improve preparation for and response to possible future attacks

"DDoS defenses must be dynamic, smart and tenacious to effectively combat today's sophisticated, agile and persistent threats," said Steve Turner, VP of Technology Solutions and Services at Corero Network Security. "At Corero, we take a two-fold approach to thwarting DDoS attacks, by delivering superb DDoS defense technology and expert support services as a trusted partner to our customers. The collaborative nature of the service delivery between Corero and our customers assures both products and processes are in a continuous state of the highest possible defensive readiness in order to safeguard customer organizations and promote business availability."

Corero's DDS, the company's dedicated DDoS defense product, defends against both network-layer SYN flood and other rate-based DDoS attacks and the more insidious, low and slow, application-layer DDoS attacks. The difficulty in even identifying these application-layer attacks renders traditional DDoS solutions ineffective, leading to lost revenue and business disruption. DDS builds off of the company's more than 10 years of expertise in DDoS defense technology and attack mitigation solutions. The solution is built on Corero's flagship fourth-generation network security platform which features three-dimensional protection (3DP) against network-borne cyber threats, including botnet-based DDoS attacks.

Pricing and Availability
Corero DDS is now available. Companies wishing to deploy the solution and its accompanying SecureWatch PLUS service should contact Corero at or call 1-978-212-1500 for pricing and additional details.