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Critical Infrastructure Organisations Could Face Huge Fines Under NIS Directive

The NIS Regulations are taking effect and those who operate essential services and industrial control systems will be expected to improve their resilience to today’s cyber threats. We examine how critical infrastructure organisations will respond to the rising threat of cyber-attacks.

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DDoS Attacks Can Cost Organizations $50,000 Per Attack

Corero surveyed over 300 security professionals from a range of industries including financial services, cloud, government, online gaming and media sectors, which revealed that DDoS attacks are costing enterprises up to $50,000 (£35,000) per attack.

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Hajime Botnet Scanning for Vulnerable MikroTik Routers

Security researchers have shared concerns about scans being carried out by a Hajime IoT botnet looking to mass-infect unpatched MikroTik devices. This blog explains what is the Hajime botnet, Botnet herding and how to protect against the threat.

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Critical Infrastructure Under Attack

Security researchers have long shared their concerns about potential cyberattacks on critical infrastructure systems. Over the past few weeks, there have been several reports highlighting the dangers of such attacks.

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The NIS Directive – just how tough is it really?

Over the last few months, UK media outlets have been filled with reports about the series of tough new measures being introduced on 9th May to protect our national critical infrastructure against cyber threats.

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