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Mirai Botnet Code Targets Corporate Networking Gear

Last month a report from Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 revealed that cyber criminals have now evolved the infamous Mirai botnet code to target corporate SD-WAN gear and recruit those assets into harmful botnets. To defend against such attacks, a security system must include comprehensive automated protections against Mirai type attack vectors.

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Understanding and Stopping Multi-Vector DDoS Attacks

Multi-vector DDoS attacks present several challenges for detection and mitigation. As cybercriminals are using more sophisticated techniques, it has become much more difficult for IT security teams to prevent DDoS attacks.

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What is DDoS Mitigation, and What Kinds of DDoS Protection Solutions Exist?

Every organization who relies upon the availability of its Internet presence should worry about the impact of modern DDoS attacks. However, solutions are available for organizations to defend against DDoS attacks of all sizes so that their network, application, or service performance is not impacted.

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Using DDoS as a Political Weapon; Hacktivism or Cyber Warfare in Hong Kong?

In the midst of many protests in Hong Kong, the Telegram was hit with a massive DDoS attack that knocked the service offline for over an hour. The theory is that China ordered the DDoS attack because it has a vested interest in squelching communication among protesters. Will anyone ever know for sure whether the Chinese government is behind the attacks?

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IoT Device Security Laws Won't Eliminate DDoS Attacks

It is now common knowledge among cyber security professionals that many of the billions of IoT-connected devices around the world are not secure and, of those, many have already been leveraged by bad actors. Given this reality of the IoT-powered world we live in, organizations should seek to protect their networks from the cyber-attacks that ensue, with one of the most common being DDoS.

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