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Affordable DDoS Protection

Anti-DDoS technology has often been difficult or costly for individual organizations to deploy. Fortunately, DDoS defense solutions have evolved, enabling hosting providers and ISPs to offer affordable DDoS protection to their customers.

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Lack of IoT Security Fuels Terabit DDoS Attacks

Learn why unsecured IoT devices have become the backbone source for current and future multi-terabit distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

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DDoS Attacks, Who Dunnit? The Fight for Improved Detection and Protection

A recent Kaspersky Lab study found that many businesses that have suffered DDoS attacks believe that their competitors launched the attacks. Is there evidence to support their beliefs?

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Mirai IoT Malware Now Infecting Windows Systems

The Windows-based spreader appears to have been created by a developer with advanced skills, and has a richer and more sophisticated code and components than the original Mirai malware. 

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The Importance of DDoS Attack Visibility

As sophisticated DDoS threats continue to evolve, effective security analysis requires continuous visibility into the traffic flowing between the protected network and the Internet. Analysis of past events is valuable to help prepare for future threats.

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