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How DDoS Attacks Impact Businesses Across Industries

There is no doubt that the frequency and sophistication of DDoS attacks targeting various industries around the globe is likely to accelerate in the near future. But, what are the potential consequences of DDoS attacks on your business? This is a question every organisation should ask themselves in today’s dynamic cyber threat landscape, where DDoS attackers continue to look out for more creative techniques to create chaos.

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Study Confirms DDoS Attacks Damage Customer Trust and Erode Confidence

Erosion of customer trust and confidence is the single most damaging consequence of DDoS attacks for businesses, according to a study amongst IT security professionals attending this year’s Infosecurity Europe, conducted by Corero Network Security.

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The Current State of DDoS Attacks: Are They Getting Smarter?

There has been a flurry of DDoS reports in the last few months, highlighting the evolving state of DDoS threats and warning of an upcoming wave of even bigger and more dangerous attacks. The sheer number of vulnerable connected devices out there, combined with the hacker community’s unrelenting ability to find new vulnerabilities to exploit, has significantly increased the potential scale of DDoS attacks.

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10-minute DDoS attacks: A Devil in Disguise

One of the biggest cybersecurity threats most organisations underestimate are short, sub-saturating DDoS attacks. However, they can be just as disruptive as bigger attacks and powerful enough to knock a firewall offline so that the hackers can target, map and infiltrate a network to install malware and engage into data exfiltration.

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How Improving Password Security Helps Protect Against Botnets

The DDoS threat landscape has been transformed by the emergence of Internet of Things botnets. Password hygiene of consumer and industrial IoT devices is often lax leading to easy criminal exploitation and potentially devastating attacks. The exponential growth in the number of IoT connected devices is a key driver in the ever increasing scale of the largest DDoS attacks.

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