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DDoS Attack on Wikipedia Site Smacks of Hacktivism

Wikipedia suffered a DDoS attack from September 6-9th that may have been hacktivism. The attack resulted in millions of users being unable to access various Wikipedia sites. Learn what types of consequences DDoS attacks typically cause as well as how to protect your network against similar attacks.

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Hacktivism on the Decline

Cybercriminal acts of hacktivism have declined in the past couple years. However, DDoS attacks have been a popular and easy tactic for hacktivists to get their point across both now and in the future. Learn why organizations should ensure DDoS mitigation solutions are part of their cyber defense.

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Recent DDoS Attack Impacts Swedish Transit Site

On Friday, August 16, the Sweden Stockholm Public Transport was hit by a powerful DDoS attack that affected the company's website and apps for purchasing tickets and planning routes for approximately 6 hours. This attack is a clear example of how critical infrastructure is vulnerable to DDoS attacks and why always-on DDoS mitigation and detection is needed.

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Expansion of the Internet Necessitates Network-Based DDoS Defense

The continued expansion of Internet access, backbone and cloud connections will ultimately drive a fundamental shift to DDoS defense to more network-integrated solutions that are enabled by advanced next-generation networking technologies.

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On the 20th Anniversary of DDoS, Prepare for the Future

July 22, 2019 marked the 20th anniversary of the world's first DDoS attacks. Since then, the nature of DDoS attacks has changed dramatically, and DDoS mitigation defenses have responded in turn. As the 5G era continues to expand, one thing we know for sure today is that DDoS attacks are a damaging problem that won’t go away in the foreseeable future.

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