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What is the Benefit of Real-Time DDoS Mitigation? Let a Corero Customer Tell You!

The following post is contributed by our friends at Zare, a UK based hosting provider for quality, affordable and DDoS protected dedicated hosting solutions.

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Nearly 40% of Companies Lack Skills and Technology to Handle DDoS Attacks

A recent TripWire study highlights the growing problem of cyberattacks, and whether IT staff feel that their companies have the right combination of skills and technology to cope with various types of cyber threats.

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Financial Impact of Mirai DDoS Attack on Dyn Revealed in New Data

Several months after the now-infamous DDoS attack on DNS provider Dyn last October, the incident continues to make headlines. Earlier this month, reports emerged about the scale of customer losses that the company experienced in the wake of the attack. According to security ratings provider, BitSight, roughly 8% of Dyn’s customer base stopped using their services in the aftermath of the attack.

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An Economical Approach to DDoS Attack Protection for Hosting & Service Tenants

Corero's new product, the SmartWall® Service Portal, enables Internet Service providers and hosting providers to offer DDoS Protection as-a-Service (DDPaaS) to their tenants in a flexible and economic model. A few years ago, such DDoS technology was not available; now, it’s the wave of the future.

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Increased Risks of DDoS Attacks for Ransom to Businesses

DDoS extortion campaigns are a common tool in the cyber-threat arsenal, and one of the easiest ways for an attacker to turn a quick profit. When service availability is threatened, the victim company needs to consider the potential loss in downtime, revenues and brand damage.

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