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DDoS-For-Hire Services Under the Spotlight

The rise of DDoS-for-hire botnets has caused an explosion of attacks, partly due to their cheap price point – they can be launched for just a few dozen dollars per month.

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Why Real-Time DDoS Mitigation Is Essential for Your Network Security

If you think your network is safe from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks just because your website or web application has not been taken offline, think again. The cyber threat landscape continues to evolve dramatically. In terms of DDoS attack trends, two things have happened.

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Survey Says Businesses Want DDoS Protection from ISPs

Corero conducted a survey of decision makers and security experts, to get a pulse on industry concerns about DDoS attacks in 2017. Learn about the results!

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What is the Benefit of Real-Time DDoS Mitigation? Let a Corero Customer Tell You!

The following post is contributed by our friends at Zare, a UK based hosting provider for quality, affordable and DDoS protected dedicated hosting solutions.

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Nearly 40% of Companies Lack Skills and Technology to Handle DDoS Attacks

A recent TripWire study highlights the growing problem of cyberattacks, and whether IT staff feel that their companies have the right combination of skills and technology to cope with various types of cyber threats.

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