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Benefits of Automatic DDoS Protection in a Hosting Environment

It’s relatively easy for hackers to launch distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against a web hosting provider, because they have such large attack surfaces.

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Attack Detection: The Crucial First Step in DDoS Mitigation

If your IT security system fails to detect and block the majority of DDoS attacks, how can you be sure that your network is truly safe from other incursions?

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Service Providers Can Offer Per-Customer DDoS Attack Dashboards

Distinguishing between “good” traffic and “bad” network traffic has not always been easy, and it has been traditionally difficult to present in visual terms. But when IT security staff can see network intrusions in real-time, they can better defend against them.

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DDoS Attacks: The Changing Legal and Regulatory Landscape

Internet service providers are increasingly treated more like public utilities than consumer services; will government regulations require that they block DDoS traffic? That remains to be seen. Ultimately the demands of enterprises and consumers may have more influence than any government regulations. The business landscape may require ISPs to provide DDoS protection, if only to protect themselves from litigation.

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DDoS-For-Hire Services Under the Spotlight

The rise of DDoS-for-hire botnets has caused an explosion of attacks, partly due to their cheap price point – they can be launched for just a few dozen dollars per month.

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