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Final Fantasy 14 Plagued by DDoS Attacks

These attacks highlight just how exposed the gaming industry is to DDoS attacks, and reminds us how damaging successful attacks can be.

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Untangling the Dark Web behind Mirai IOT Botnet DDoS Attacks

Security researcher Brian Krebs believes he has unraveled the mystery of who launched a massive Mirai botnet DDoS attack on his site in September of 2016. If Krebs’ allegation is true, then this is a seamy tale of a good programmer who went bad: a white hat turned into a black hat.

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DDoS-for-Points: How to Beat Hackers at Their Own Game

DDoS attacks are popular among online game players, and recently a Turkish hacker created a game that rewards players for launching DDoS attacks against a set of political websites.

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Online Gaming Companies are EA-sy Targets for DDoS Hackers

Recent DDoS attacks on Blizzard and EA servers highlight the vulnerability of the online gaming industry. Fortunately, gaming companies— or, for that matter, all companies that rely on a continuous online presence— now have better choices that can deliver near-instantaneous protection.

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A Blizzard of DDoS Attacks on the Gaming Industry

It may be summertime in the Northern Hemisphere, but the first week of August has been marked by a blizzard. A virtual blizzard, that is, of DDoS attacks on some gaming companies.

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