VentraIP Australia Keeps Hosted Customers Online with Corero SmartWall DDoS Protection


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DDoS attacks were always a problem for VentraIP. Whenever they were attacked, they would have to call their transit provider, which felt like fighting fire to have them look into the server. Around the December holidays in 2017, VentraIP was attacked and their only option at the time was to blackhole IP addresses. Blackholing IPs isn’t desirable as potentially dozens or hundreds of customers are using the same IP address and when that IP doesn’t route anywhere, hundreds of websites go offline. This holiday DDoS attack continued for approximately one week, causing many problems for customers on that same server/IP.


After that December 2017 incident, VentraIP Australia deployed Corero’s SmartWall® Threat Defense System (TDS) DDoS protection so they no longer had to rely on a transit provider or another host to filter attack traffic for them. One of the many reasons they chose Corero is because it offers flexible implementation options and is very effective in automatically defending against attacks.

  • Black-holing of traffic is avoided
  • No longer rely on another company to filter DDoS traffic
  • Maximum levels of service availability are maintained for hosted customers, even in the face of a DDoS event
  • DDoS attacks are automatically mitigated locally at each of their multiple locations across Australia
  • Reduced staff numbers and time required for handling DDoS attacks
  • Improved customer satisfaction Improved brand reputation
  • Service offering is differentiated from competitors