Streamline Servers Values Corero for its High-Performance In-line DDoS Solution, Affordability and Excellent Support


Internet Service Provider


Streamline Servers and their customers are routinely targeted by DDoS attacks; the company sees upwards of 50 – 100 attacks to its oceanic infrastructure daily. The attacks range from quite small, sophisticated, layer 7 attacks to large multi-GbE volumetric floods.


Streamline Servers deployed Corero’s SmartWall® Threat Defense System (TDS) DDoS protection to provide quality service and high uptime to its customers.

  • Maintains maximum levels of reliability for applications and mission-critical systems, even in the face of a DDoS event.
  • Enables Streamline Servers to mitigate DDoS attacks locally, at each of their multiple locations around the world.
  • Flexible deployment configurations allow the SmartWall solution to best meet the needs of Streamline Servers’ individual customers.
  • High-quality service allows Streamline staff to focus on providing peace of mind to its clients, instead of spending time on manual intervention when a DDoS attack occurs.