Liquid Web Turns to Corero for More Comprehensive Protection Against DDoS Attacks

This IDC Customer Spotlight discusses how Liquid Web enhanced their overall security profile by partnering with Corero Network Security.


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When DDoS attacks were made on the Liquid Web network, incidents needed to be identified, isolated, and mitigated. Before Liquid Web onboarded the Corero solution, DDoS attacks were routinely detected but not prevented.


LiquidWeb turned to the Corero for automatic real-time DDoS Protection

  • Normal operation can be maintained at all times without customer interruption
  • Avoidance of false positives
  • Effective protection against modern DDoS attacks using the in-line method
Key Benefits:
  • The most critical improvement was the decrease in the outage minutes
  • Personnel could focus on other key aspects of customer-related security issues such as virus- and malware-related incidents
  • Corero provided first-level support, monitoring attacks that were being blocked, and alerting the security team when events had occurred.