htp GmbH in Hanover Places Trust in DDoS Protection Provided by Corero Network Security




htp GmbH needed automated defense to protect against modern DDoS attacks, in order to prevent server failures and focus 100% on their core business again.


htp GmbH turned to the Corero SmartWall® Threat Defense System

  • Normal operation can be maintained 100% at all times without influencing existing systems or having to constantly implement changes.
  • htp now offers a solution for securing all transit connections and conveniently protecting underlying infrastructure.
  • Effective protection against modern DDoS attacks using the in-line method  with no viable alternative for htp; detection of DDoS attacks before they reach a critical threshold level.
Key Benefits:
  • Automated solution allows htp to focus on core business rather than defending against DDoS attacks using free resources.
  • Effective protection against application layer and multi-vector attacks, even those that last less than 5 minutes and require only minimal bandwidth.
  • Additional service that the carrier can offer to customers who are taking providers up on their promise of providing defense against DDoS attacks to an increasing extent.