Brady Distributing Selects Corero’s Award-Winning IPS for Network Threat Protection

Leading IPS and DDoS Defense System Provider Protects Arcade Gaming Supplier against DDoS Attacks, Botnets and other Malicious Content that Targets IT Networks

Hudson, MA., September 28, 2011  Corero Network Security (CNS: LN), a leading global provider of Network Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Defense Systems, today announced that Brady Distributing, supplier of arcade and amusement games to Disney World and other parks in the U.S. and internationally, has selected Corero's award-winning IPS technology for protection against DDoS attacks, stateful firewall filtering and protection against botnet attacks, among other key benefits.

Headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., Brady Distributing has a network of field offices throughout the eastern U.S. with electronic communications and business transactions from these remote workers going over the Internet. The company's sprawling physical footprint magnified its network security risks.

"Prior to engaging with Corero, it seemed like our remote office PCs were always gathering viruses and malware. Even with antivirus software installed, the bad stuff was still getting through, and I couldn't oversee what was going on," said Brady IT Department Manager Rick Baird. "We needed greater visibility into what was happening on the network, especially on remote PCs, and a way to step up our defenses against malware and viruses. The Corero IPS appliance features advanced capabilities that give us just those added protection layers we need."

The IPS 5500 solutions are Corero's most advanced Intrusion Prevention Systems. The Corero IPS is designed to deliver non-disruptive protection against constantly evolving threats. It provides maximum security for critical IT assets while allowing full access to legitimate users and applications.

"Our network is more secure than it ever was before," Baird said. "I don't have to worry about it. The Corero IPS has cut down on the malware, spyware and network intrusions, and overall it has made my job easier, our network safer, and the performance is outstanding."

Corero's Three Dimensional Protection (3DP) Platform includes a powerful stateful protocol analysis engine, providing the latest protection against vulnerabilities, worms, remote exploits, and application-level attacks; differentiated transparent firewall filtering that protects infrastructures against undesired access; and a three-stage DDoS defense engine, which protects against the effects of network layer and application layer DDoS attacks.

"Businesses that rely heavily on the Internet, like Brady Distributing, realize they are targets for viruses and DDoS attacks and know how highly disruptive and damaging a problem like this can be," said Mike Paquette, chief strategy officer, Corero Network Security. "By implementing the Corero IPS as part of its layered security architecture, Brady Distributing reaps a host of benefits, including proactive protection against threats while patches are being tested and deployed, improved security posture through acceptable application usage enforcement, regulatory compliance through protection of confidential data, and protection against theft of intellectual property due to undesired access. This translates to a significant reduction in IT hours devoted to fixing and remediating systems infected by viruses, botnet programs, and other malware and reduction of network downtime from DDoS attacks and botnet threats."

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