All Gigs Are Not Created Equal: DDoS Protection Makes a Difference for ISPs

When evaluating an Internet Service Provider (ISP), it’s important to consider the quality, as well as quantity, of bandwidth it offers. While capacity is a key driver for enterprise customer sales, it’s not the only factor. How effectively a service provider protects its customers from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can have a dramatic impact on the quality of Internet service. This is something we explain with the following analogy:

Imagine that a quarter of the water coming through your taps was contaminated. How would you feel when presented with the bill? Most people would be dumbfounded, frustrated and wondering why they pay for the contaminated water flow, but amazingly, when it comes to their Internet service, many customers just put up with it, accepting it as just the way it is. You wouldn’t pay for dirty water, so why are so many people paying for bad traffic streaming from their Internet Service Providers?

The vast majority of Internet traffic contains a wide range of unnecessary and increasingly damaging traffic flow – ranging from spam to distributed denial-of-service attacks to malware or botnet-related activity. While customers might demand a refund if the water stops coming out of a pipe, or when a DDoS attack causes an outage, they might not fully understand the debilitating impact of these smaller, chronic DDoS attacks on the pipe, which create this ‘dirty water’ scenario. But attitudes are changing, and the vast majority of enterprise end users now want their Internet Service Provider to offer more comprehensive DDoS protection as a service..

A telecommunications company’s role has traditionally been to direct traffic from one destination to another, without passing judgment about the content. Net neutrality, in which Internet carriers treat all packets the same, was prized above all else. But the tide of opinion is changing as the capability to offer customers a variety of services – and generate increasing revenues – is emerging. Ultimately, clean traffic, where threats have been removed before being passed on to a customer, is worth far more than a dirty pipe. Telecommunications companies that capitalize on this can gain a strong competitive advantage, and build loyalty among their customers.

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