AirGate Further Secures Next Generation Network with Value-Added DDoS Protection Services

Leveraging the Corero SmartWall Threat Defense System, Combined with Existing Service Offerings, Enables a New Paradigm in Secured Solutions for AirGate Customers

Hudson, MA – September 1, 2015 – Corero Network Security (LSE: CNS), a leading provider of First Line of Defense® security solutions against DDoS attacks, today announced that AirGate, provider of Secure Network Services to Canadian enterprises, has begun implementing the Corero SmartWall® Threat Defense System (TDS) to meet customer demands for real-time DDoS mitigation.

AirGate’s mission is to provide the most secure network services in Canada, and protecting against DDoS is absolutely critical to their customers’ success and to their own. DDoS threats are growing exponentially and morphing in terms of type of attack, motivation and attack strategy, creating real concern for enterprises of all sizes and industries.

“The need for secure network services in the face of DDoS attacks is proving to be a universal requirement for providers. Our customers are looking for services that deliver on security innovation and effectiveness, but can also deliver cost savings. That’s the niche we serve very well – enterprises who need the utmost in premium security, but who also need to optimize their network and telco services spend,” said Darryl Hall, President, AirGate. “Bringing a DDoS solution to the table is essential to the value we bring to customers, and critical for protecting our network and services; it was the obvious next step for advancing the security of our next generation network.”

AirGate set out to find a highly effective DDoS mitigation solution that was easy to implement and manage, but also provided a high degree of intelligence and visibility into network traffic, with a laser focus on DDoS attack activity. It was essential for AirGate to have a deeply integrated DDoS protection solution housed in their data centers. An evaluation process was in place for other in-line DDoS protection solutions, but the impressiveness of the Corero solution right out of the gate allowed for an expedited proof-of-concept, and ultimately led to a production network deployment.

“Performance and maintaining the integrity and privacy of our data and our customers’ data are of highest priority. We quickly concluded that real-time DDoS threat mitigation was required so neither network performance nor the reliability of our services would be negatively impacted,” said Hall. “Having the Corero solution in place enables us to deliver exceptional value-added network services to our customers at the highest performance, and we are confident that we doing everything possible to mitigate security threats related to DDoS for our customers.”

Hall continues, “The Corero solution helps us serve our customers by providing an essential piece of our ‘Secure Your Network’ value chain of services and capabilities. Having the right DDoS protection is absolutely critical to our ongoing success.”

“AirGate is differentiating itself, and leading the pack when it comes to introducing DDoS Defense-as-a-service to its customers. DDoS is an evolving and costly threat to the Internet connected business,” said Dave Larson, CTO, Corero Network Security. “Now, more than ever, enterprises are turning to their providers to defeat the DDoS attacks targeting their businesses, and Corero is pleased to offer a solution that is ideal for addressing this growing problem while offering a better economic model for comprehensive DDoS prevention.”

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