A Telecom Case Study: Deployment of DDoS Mitigation Solution

Block Communications Commercial Telecommunications divisions, Telesystem and Line Systems (LSI) offer voice, Internet, and cloud computing solutions to thousands of commercial customers extending from the east coast throughout the Midwest. Their customers include universities, government agencies, schools, hospitals, financial institutions, and more. Both telecommunications divisions have deployed the Corero SmartWall® Threat Defense System (TDS) to detect and mitigate DDoS attacks on their networks.

Recently Stephen Clark, Director of IP Networks at Telesystem, participated in a webinar hosted by IHS, where Jeff Wilson, Senior Research Director of Cybersecurity Technology at IHS, led the discussion on “Service Provider Deployment of DDoS Mitigation.” Clark explained that Block Communications implemented the SmartWall TDS on each of its vital interconnects to Tier 1 providers. This anti-DDoS solution is an in-line deployment of automatic DDoS mitigation that stops malicious traffic at the peering edge. “We can protect our networks at the gate, in real-time,” said Clark.

Clark cited that in a recent one-week period, the DDoS protection appliance blocked 25 terabytes of malicious traffic that did not impact their customers. Equally important, no human intervention was required to mitigate any of that traffic. Since deploying the solution, Clark reported that all the DDoS traffic has been eliminated, and there have been no false positives. Prior to deploying this solution, Telesystem’s mitigation strategy relied on manual intervention, which had many drawbacks; it would require five or six staff members to identify the problem, and meanwhile the customer service group had to field numerous complaint calls.

After considering various DDoS vendors, Block discovered that the Corero solution was not only the most effective, it was also the most affordable; “I was pleasantly surprised when we talked to the Corero team that Corero’s solution fit very well into our budgetary constraints,” said Clark. “We had to stop the bleeding, and the fastest, most economical way to do it was this solution,” said Clark.

Block Communications not only found a cost-saving solution, but a potential revenue-generating solution because SmartWall TDS enables the provider to offer “clean pipe” solutions to its customers. Another potential benefit is that Block may eventually be able to provide attack information to its Tier One providers, to help them understand the analytics and telemetry of the attacks at the origination points instead of the termination points.

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