A DDoS Mitigation Appliance Blocks Attacks

Nearly every day there is news about a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on some major organization, whether it's a bank or a government agency. Many other organizations experience DDoS attacks on a daily basis, but those attacks don’t make headline news. It’s an alarming situation, globally. In a recent survey of IT security professionals and network operators at the RSA Conference 2016, 31% of respondents stated that their enterprise experiences DDoS attacks weekly or daily.

The survey also asked participants about their current methods of handling the DDoS threat; nearly one third (30%) of respondents still rely on traditional security infrastructure products (firewall, IPS, load balancers) to protect their businesses from DDoS attacks. Dave Larson, COO of Corero, states:

“Those companies are very vulnerable to DDoS attacks because it’s well-documented that traditional security infrastructure products aren’t sufficient to mitigate DDoS attacks.”

DDoS attack prevention is nearly impossible: it’s difficult to track down hackers, whereas it’s easy and inexpensive to launch a DDoS attack. DDoS attacks are likely to increase rather than go away. However, Corero’s DDoS mitigation appliance can effectively detect and block attacks to prevent network outages and disruptions. The appliance sits at the network edge, monitoring and mitigating DDoS attack traffic in real time. The solution does not pull attack traffic deeper into the network to a scrubbing center environment, does not rely on human intervention, and does not rely on legacy tools or techniques that some network and security departments use. Rather, it blocks a wide range of DDoS attacks, while maintaining full connectivity and avoiding the disruption of legitimate traffic.

Anti-DDoS technology is more affordable than ever, and easy to implement. A 2014 Kaspersky Lab report stated:

“DDoS attacks cost small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) an average of $52,000 per incident; for larger enterprises, the cost of a DDoS attack is even more significant, resulting in an average of $444,000 in lost business and IT spending.”

Given the costly impacts of a DDoS attack, the question is not whether one should implement a DDoS mitigation appliance, but rather when?

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