Vigilante DDoS attacker goes after offensive websites

Linda Musthaler
By | October 28, 2015

Posted in: Network Security Trends , ISP DDoS Protection

It's almost easy to empathize with someone who feels justified in using DDoS tactics to temporarily take down websites that belong to the Islamic State, pedophiles, and racist and homophobic hate groups. Then we have to remind ourselves that, no matter how offensive or repugnant the content of these websites is, it's still considered to be free speech that is protected under the U.S. consitution. Thus the vigilante DDoS attacker who goes by the handle "Amped Attacks," and who claims to be an American patriot, is really just another cyber criminal in control of some attack tools.

For a few weeks, Amped Attacks has been DDoS'ing websites belonging to followers of the Ku Klux Klan, the Nazi party, Islamic State terrorists and even child pornographers and pedophiles. Though his attacks are generally short-lived, he has been successful at knocking them completely offline for a short time. Amped notifies some of his targets in advance, and he is bragging that at least 20 racist sites are going to go down on Halloween. Apparently his actions up to now are just proof that he has the power to do this damage.

He's so proud of his DDoS "achievements" that he tweets about what he has done and plans to do. You can follow him, if you like, at

Amped claims to have been an IT tech in the Navy and to hold two degrees from ITT Technical Institute. He says he has 16 years of IT experience. He fancies himself to be some sort of cyber freedom fighter.

It's a shame he has gone to the dark side of illegal activity with his expertise. Yes, commiting an act that intentionaly harms someone else's website – as DDoS does – is a crime in this country, no matter how much we want to see hateful and harmful websites taken offline.

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