The Do-No-Harm Approach to Real-Time DDoS Protection

Stephen Gates
By | April 13, 2015

Posted in: ISP DDoS Protection , Hosting Provider DDoS Protection

The vast majority of Corero customers require always on DDoS protection to ensure service availability for their customers—ensuring that all good user traffic flows unimpeded, while DDoS attack traffic is mitigated in real-time.  The Corero SmartWall® Threat Defense System (TDS) allows for always-on DDoS protection with a unique and differentiated methodology; we call this the Do-No-Harm approach to DDoS protection.

The following interview with Corero CTO Dave Larson dives into the history of DDoS protection options, and how the Do-No-Harm approach is quickly becoming the preferred method for maintaining service availability during a DDoS attack. 

                                                                                                                                           DDoS Protection Podcast


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