Interview with Corero CTO, Dave Larson – It’s Game On for DDoS

Stephen Gates
By | January 05, 2015

Posted in: Network Security Trends , Hosting Provider DDoS Protection

The Gaming Industry, given its high-volume, high-transactional environment, requires 24/7 accessibility. Any downtime or interruption has a significant financial and reputational impact. The Gaming Industry thrives on the Internet, which makes them especially sensitive to DDoS attacks not only by motivated attackers, but also competitors and poor (gamer) sports.

Attackers have turned up the volume DDoS volume this Holiday season impacting the PlayStation Network and Xbox, leaving customers out unable to access their respective platforms – these are just a few examples of Distributed Denial of Service Attacks impacting the online gaming community as of late.

Join Corero CTO Dave Larson, as he predicts DDoS attack trends impacting the gaming industry in 2015.


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