'Twas the Night Before Payday

Stephen Gates
By | December 19, 2014

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Twas the night before payday


'Twas the night before payday, when all through the net
Most attackers were stirring, increasing the threat.

snowflake-blue DDoSTomorrow’s targets were chosen, sighted in their crosshairs,
In hopes the victims, soon would be theirs.


Evading the law, and even the Feds
As visions of outages, danced in their heads.


Botnet masters by night, regular person by day,
They had all the attack tools, in their cache’.

When out on the net, there arose such a clatter,snowflake-blue DDoS
I sprang from my game, to see what was the matter.


Away to my botnet, I flew in a flash,
Fired up my backdoors, and Metasploit to obtain cash.


My victim was melting, like the warm-fallen snow,
Which gave me the signal, I was becoming a pro.


With their attention focusing, on the DDoS I led,
They’ll never discover, my intention instead.


With my botnet and hacktools, I’m sure to get rich,
It’s much easier work, than digging a ditch.

snowflake-blueMore rapid than eagles, my keystrokes they came,
They’ll never know who, to place all of the blame.


‘Now Hping, Now Fragroute, Ion Cannon and Tor,
On, Metasploit, On, Slowloris, they can’t take much more.


Over every defense, bypassing every firewall!
Now hack away! Hack away! Hack away all!


The precision, the amount, the attacks they did fly,
Offline they were not, but they were ready to die.

I cranked up the volume, the attacks how they flew,snowflake-blue DDoS
Killer scripts and password guessers, I was using them too.


And then in a message, I heard on the Pastebin,
The sites were going down, I knew I would win.


As I drew in my head, and was turning around,
I had what I wanted, and knew what I had found.


Partial saturation and hacktools, I gained access to root,
My precious cargo would gain me, a bag full of loot.


This was getting too easy, this new way to hack,
I was the first one to use it, call me first in the pack.


My eyes-how they twinkled! My smiles oh so merry!
I looked in the mirror, and knew I was scary.


snowflake-blue DDoSSo I picked a new target, and placed them firmly in sight,
This was going to be easy, I could do this all night.


Then something was different, I hadn’t seen it before,
My tools no longer working, I couldn’t get to the core.


So I put on my mask, my favorite Machiavelli,
Took a swig of my drink, it warmed up my belly.


I began scratching my head, and questioning myself,
I pullout out all of the stops, using every tool on the shelf.


I couldn’t take the site down, its responses weren’t dead.
I thought I could easily, put this one to bed.


They had defenses in place, my attacks did not work,snowflake-blue
My buddies on-line, were calling me a jerk,


I was getting frustrated, my screen suddenly froze,
I pulled out my hair, and ripped open my clothes.


I rebooted and restarted, every tool without dismissal,
I hit them with everything I had, accept a nuke missile.


I was king of my game, more like an old pharaoh,
Until I met a security company, we call them Corero.


snowflake-blue DDoSHappy Holidays


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