Corero is growing - do you have the skills to be a part of the team?

Scott Barvick
By | September 19, 2014

Posted in: Network Security Trends

Conversations recently overhead in the busy hallways of the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) include the number of in-flight projects being pursued by a single entrepreneur(60+!), a business plan for a(nother) new startup mining Facebook images, and the next international gig to be social media-enabled by another busy team.  And starting this week,  I’m excited to announce that discussions of 100+ Gbps DDoS attacks, network threat visualization, security event data mining, and SDN orchestration for attack mitigation will contribute to the buzz as Corero joins companies large and small tapping into the talent and energy that has intensified and focused along the Red Line in Boston/Cambridge in recent years.

For those who don’t know the area well, Kendall Square is the historical core and heart of the entrepreneurial spirit inside Greater Boston’s Route 128. It is not hard to understand why this is the case; MIT is a next-door neighbor and dozens of other universities within a 10 mile radius provide the career-kickoff for hundreds of thousands of students.  More recently, Boston proper has made its move to capture its share of the excitement with a successful reinvigoration of its Seaport District and transformation of it into what it is calling an Innovation District. The exciting thing about all this is that Kendall Square and the Boston Innovation District are just a few “T” (subway) stops away from each other along the Red Line and the demand for office space and the resulting increase in rents is leading toward the interconnection of these two areas with talent and entrepreneurial spirit.

Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and many, many other less well known cutting edge technology firms have ‘come East’ to be where the excitement is, landing right in the Kendall Square area.   Now Corero is doing the same thing.   We haven’t come quite as far east as the big guys, but we are making the investment for the same reasons.   And, while the comings and goings of an Engineering team aren’t typically the stuff of blog posts, I am doing it this time to get a shameless plug out to the right audience for the open positions that we have to fill on our new team.   We are not looking for a lot of people, just a small set of folks with the right stuff.  The mission of this team is to move the industry forward in terms of DDoS attack analysis, visualization, and then mitigation.   Basically, we need to show our customers what is really going on in their networks, the good and the bad, and then doing something about it in real time.

So if I’m plugging the new team and the open positions we have, what are we looking for? The first thing to note is that we will be starting in the CIC, so we need folks who thrive being right in the middle of it all. The CIC has hundreds of other startups in various stages of their existence in a space specifically designed for close interaction. It is a requirement that the idea of working in this type of environment is exciting. More technically, we are looking for folks who love to do amazing UI things with lots of data, best-in-breed third-party tools, and constantly changing threat profiles. Our core languages are JavaScript and Python, but we often find ourselves working on the Java server-side code as well.   Within each of these languages, we need folks who have worked in the latest frameworks and are able to quickly assess new tools as they emerge.

The details of the open positions can be found on our LinkedIn and Careers pages. To move us along even faster, we also are offering an incentive to anyone within the reach of social media (everywhere!) who knows someone who might fit to help us out by offering a $500 AMEX gift card for anyone who refers a candidate who is then hired. So, if you are reading this and thinking of someone who has the skills, creativity, and energy to help us realize our vision, then we’ll make the introduction worth your effort.

We are not Google, Facebook, or Apple, or Cisco (yet), but we have big plans, and we are looking for the folks to help us get there.

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