First Line of Defense Against DDoS Attacks in a Hosting Environment

Stephen Gates
By | July 31, 2014

Posted in: Hosting Provider DDoS Protection

Hosting Providers and Datacenters must overcome the challenges associated with a wide range of hosting requirements; maintaining highly available applications, mission critical systems and maximum levels of reliability.

Unfortunately, DDoS attacks threaten their ability to do so. This is problematic as a Web hosting, co-location and datacenter operator’s livelihood is closely tied to the ongoing success of their customers’ online services.

Like a recurring headache, DDoS attacks might seem to come out of nowhere, but can certainly cause a tremendous amount of impairment. Damages due to downtime include loss of customer confidence, lost revenue, and most devastating; damage to reputation and brand.

It’s now more important than ever for Hosting Providers and Datacenters to deploy always on DDoS attack mitigation services for the highest levels of performance and security.

This short video will help you gain insight into how Hosting Providers, Data Center operators and the like are successfully putting an end to the damaging impact of a DDoS attack.


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