Securing the Data Center and Generating Revenue - #Winning

Stephen Gates
By | June 13, 2014

Posted in: Hosting Provider DDoS Protection

Corero CTO, Dave Larson, spoke recently to an audience of Hosting Providers during a (Web Hosting Industry Review) WHIR hosted webinar event.   Dave addressed the audience alongside WHIR editor, Nicole Henderson, and explained how hosting providers have a new opportunity to increase their revenue and customer base. 

After an engaging conversation around DDoS defense for Hosting Providers, the floor was opened for Q&A, and some interesting perspectives were shared. One viewer asked “Since the Hosting Provider already pays for an on-demand, cloud-based DDoS service from a regional vendor and re-routes incoming traffic through the cloud-service when a customer comes under attack, why would the Hosting Provider want to get into the business of offering DDoS defense to their own customers?”

Dave answered the question perfectly.  “Why would you let that service revenue go right through your fingers and pass it to a cloud-based DDoS service provider?  Why not keep it for yourself?”

Not only could a hosting provider offer DDoS protection to their customer base, but they could also offer other protection as well. DDoS and other cyber threats can easily be blocked by this type of first line of defense technology including threats like Heartbleed – deployed in Hosting Provider clouds. Offering the service as a premium package, increasing revenue and creating differentiation among the competition is a win-win situation.

Businesses are growing tired of the continuous risk associated threats that conducting business on the Internet represents. Most are looking for cleaner bandwidth options, secured hosting environments with dedicated DDoS protection options, and so on.

To meet this need, Hosting Providers, now more than ever are investing in DDoS and cyber threat defense technologies, building out their infrastructures and offering new services to better protect their customer base.

With the evolution of the cyber threat landscape, DDoS defense vendors such as Corero are deploying next generation technology to lead the charge in winning the war against DDoS attacks and cyber threats, not only on the Enterprise perimeter, but in the cloud.

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