Cash is King!

Stephen Gates
By | June 03, 2014

Posted in: Network Security Trends

As early as 2005, government and other Internet security experts were openly discussing the concept of ‘Maybe the Cloud Can Help Secure the Internet’.  Should the ISPs, Hosting Providers, Colocation and other bandwidth providers get involved in helping to secure the Internet?

According to an article still floating around the Internet by Matt Villano, CIO Magazine, November 1, 2005,  Matt interviewed Stephen Warren, CIO of the Federal Trade Commission in 2005.   Stephen states, "Right now, all ISPs provide is entry to the Internet, period. Believe me; it's in their best interests to get all the crap off their lines."

Warren also implies, “The time for action is now. If water utilities can be required by state and local governments to deliver water that is clean and acceptable to drink, why can't ISPs be required to deliver data that is safe and threat-free? Such requirements would hold ISPs accountable for cleaning up their networks and force them to monitor traffic as it passes through their pipes for maliciousness of all kinds.”

This article is nearly nine years old and little if anything has been done to push service providers to take more responsibility in cleaning up the Internet. Providers are now more than ever poised to make a positive impact with technology that can deployed in the Cloud to protect the end user from DDoS attacks and cyber threats.

Would CIOs and CISOs be willing to purchase clean Internet bandwidth vs. raw Internet bandwidth?  Today the trend is moving in that direction. As more and more organizations feel the backlash from falling victim to a cyber attack, organizations are beginning to search for other alternatives. If service providers no longer allowed DDoS and other cyber threats to traverse their networks and their customers were willing to pay for safer bandwidth as a result; why wouldn't the service providers get involved?

Every industry operates by supply and demand.  As organizations demand safer bandwidth and money could be made by fulfilling that demand, service providers would have no choice but to meet that demand or watch their market-share begin to dwindle. If history is any indicator, we know by now that all markets are driven by demand.

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