Attack of the Month Video Blog Series: Network Layer Attacks In ICS

In the world of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) system outage or infiltration can result in system downtime, loss of productivity and loss of revenue, as well as loss of confidentiality, integrity and availability. Additionally, system outage or infiltration could possibly result in loss of life often due to the critical nature of these devices. Together, lack of access to critical ICS components and lack of visibility of the operational performance of these components can create a dire situation for those that are tasked with ensuring the safety of these systems.

Many organizations that utilize ICS components within their industrial processes can be vulnerable to a host of attack vectors and this fact may have played a part in President Obama’s signing of an executive order on Feb. 12, 2013. It calls on federal agencies to develop voluntary cyber security standards for critical parts of the private sector and to consider proposing new mandates where possible under existing law. Industrial control systems which manage large-scale processes like oil and gas production, power generation and water treatment, have increasingly become a point of concern for the White House as the systems are often older and in some cases are more vulnerable to attack.

Today's v-blog discusses a real life attack scenario, and recommendations for successful DDoS and cyber threat protection. 

Network layer attacks ICS

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