National Cybersecurity Career Fair in June Will Connect Employers to Entry Level Cybersecurity Workers

Linda Musthaler
By | March 19, 2014

Posted in: Network Security Trends

Do you know anyone who is an aspiring cyber security professional? Here is some important information to pass along to help them get their career started. This is also big news if your organization is looking to recruit entry-level people for IT security positions.

Coming up this June 18 and 19, 2014, Cyber Aces is presenting the first National Cybersecurity Career Fair (NCCF). NCCF is an innovative virtual meeting place for the top cybersecurity employers and cybersecurity jobseekers in the United States. The event is co-sponsored by SANS Institute, the US Cyber Challenge, the Council on Cyber Security, the Center for Internet Security and SC Magazine. The purpose of this event is to bring people and employers together in a virtual meeting setting in order to help fill some of the many open cybersecurity positions all across the country.

Cyber Aces is a non-profit organization dedicated to identifying and encouraging individuals with an aptitude for information security to refine their skills and talent. While SANS Institute serves people with advanced level cybersecurity skills, Cyber Aces caters to people who are still learning the core fundamentals of cybersecurity, with a special focus on veterans who are just entering the job market, college students, and adults who want a career change.

Cyber Aces helps people develop their skills through a variety of tools. The main program is called Cyber Aces Online, and it involves three training modules covering operating systems, networking, and system administration. Each of these modules designed by SANS Institute involves some video, some online study materials as well as being able to conduct study practices online. These tools help people learn the fundamentals that can put them on the pathway of becoming a cybersecurity professional.

Once someone has gone through the Cyber Aces Online program, they can continue their education or look for an entry level position. The NCCF is one tool to help funnel people into positions that are offered by all types of employees from across the nation.

The virtual job fair takes place June 18 and 19. Job seekers can register to participate for free. Once they register, they can fill out a personal profile and upload a resume.

Though the career fair spans two days, people can come and go for the activities they prefer to attend. The main page of the website will direct participants into a networking lounge. From there they can look at a national job board, apply for jobs, and check the schedule for employer web and video chats. Employer participants have their own booth where they can meet virtually with candidates for employment, show videos about the company, and post materials specific to the organization or their available jobs.

As a special incentive to get people to participate in the NCCF, SANS Institute is giving each job candidate the opportunity to stand out by taking the SANS Cyber Talent exam for free. This exam usually costs $2500 and is a way to measure a person’s aptitude for work as a cybersecurity professional. People who take the exam prior to the career fair can post their scores to their online profile.

To get more information, to register as a participant, or to reserve an employer booth, visit



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