Attack of the Month Video Blog Series: NTP Reflective Attacks

Stephen Gates
By | March 11, 2014

Posted in: ISP DDoS Protection

NTP or Network Time Protocol attacks have been taking center stage as of late.

What’s interesting here is that the move to exploit UDP based protocol suggests that we (the good guys) are raising the security bar and thus making it more difficult to successfully exploit DNS amplification attacks.

NTP is another critical Internet service and one that doesn't usually get a lot of attention.  NTP exploitation may be a new method to create a DoS attack but one that isn't all that difficult to defend against, with an on premises DDoS Defense solution.  Companies that are especially sensitive to time synchronization should consider using satellites to synchronize their clocks.

It’s another reminder that the fundamental services that we depend on to make the Internet work were created in an era where security was not given proper consideration.  We've made lots of progress with DNS and other services but there’s still a long road ahead of us.Attack of the Month Video

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